Exercise Event Manager

Exercise Event Manager allows you and your team to collaboratively create a MSEL for your Training Exercise.


Create Scenarios

Rapidly create reusable emergency scenarios across your region or organization.


Allows for collaborative exercise design from any location and subsequent delivery of MSEL "inject" information during an exercise.

Time Based Events & Information

Using a graphical timeline tool & map, you can effectively see all your events and grasp how these events will occur.

Integration with Simulations

EEM is fully integrated into EDMSIM and MILSIM constructive simulation products.

Why Exercise Event Manager?

Creating effective and worthwhile training events for your Emergency Response team is challenging, especially when they are constantly away dealing with real situations. The Exercise Event manager tool allows you to quickly and collaboratively create any exercise scenario, with all of the associated elements: locations, hazards, timings, media information that you can use and re-use to enhance your team's Emergency Preparedness.